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Our seminars for companies and individuals

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To people who have problems like chronic diseases (diabetes, fatty liver, cholesterol and triglycerides, etc.) or other medical problems that they require vitamins and / or minerals, athletes and people who want to strengthen their immune system or body and use food supplements in addition (or not) to taking prescribed medicines.

We live in a market where every 7 out of 10 people use daily nutritional supplements, so it is essential for our health to know how to use food supplements unconditionally.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world do not improve their condition, even if they take prescribed medications and use expensive food supplements. The question is: why? The main reason for this is that the food supplements they take often contradict some of the medicines they take. In some cases, this can even cause death.

The seminar will put some order in this "jungle" and will help our customers to use food supplements in the best way to improve their medical conditions. Let the experts help you get the most out of food supplements (saving you money too!).

The seminars will be held in a convenient location (hotels, dedicated facilities, etc.) during the weekdays or the weekend for 3-4 hours by our professional staff and by an expert medical doctor.

Since the number of seminars is limited, we invite you to secure your seat as soon as possible.

If you have more questions or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

To companies that want to commission, for their employees, a nutritional seminar (lasting up to 4 hours) that can be held at the client's own facility or at the hotel, and will be provided by our professional staff and a prominent medical expert.

During the seminar, our staff will discuss the benefits of food supplements and the damages that could be caused due to improper use, in a market where 7 out of 10 people use food supplements on a daily basis.

Our staff will discuss the most popular food supplements used in the Italian market. The seminar will focus on the misuse of food supplements and the extra attention needed when using them in combination with drugs and / or other food supplements or even when eating specific food.

The seminar will put some order in this "jungle" and help employees use food supplements in the best way to improve their physical condition.

The proposed seminar can also be used to reinforce the social link between employees, as the context is distributed in a relaxed and "humorous" way and can be organized during the day or evening . The seminar is organized jointly by our sports and medical experts.

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For Athletes, Trainers and Team Managers

The market for food supplements is growing and every year more and more people are becoming aware of the needs of food supplements including athletes and professional sports players. As a result, many questions are raised by them, for example:

  1. What kind of food supplements are “NECESSARY” as professional athletes that can improve my physical performance and keep me healthy at the same time?
  2. What kind of supplements can be taken according to WADA / UEFA / FIBA ​​regulations? What food supplement can be legally mixed to improve performances?
  3. What are the right doses to improve performances without doping?
  4. What happens if I also take the medicines?
  5. Can we mix different food supplements with each other?
  6. Do I really need all these food supplements - What are my goals and time frame?

And many other really important questions.

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments a company based in Germany, has extended its activities in Italy and now offers new, unique and exclusive services for sports clubs (professional players, trainers, team managers and etc.) to understand to use of food supplements in professional sport.
The seminars last half a day (3 hours) on "Understanding food supplements" the seminar can be booked at your Sport Club, or you can reach us in one of our locations (check website for current locations)
It is possible to hold the seminars both in Italian and in English by an expert doctor who holds extensive experience in the field of food supplements in relation to sports medicine and WADA regulations.

The number of seats are limited! Book your place today!
The main objective of our company is to share information and knowledge in a RESPONSIBLE AND SAFE way.

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Our seminars usually last half a day, from 9 to 12 am, and are held in small groups to allow participants to be active and interact with questions about the topics of the seminar.

Sign up for a seminar and get a 20% discount when booking your dedicated 1-to-1

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